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Our Team.

Green City LA is a team of five passionate individuals dedicated to promoting sustainability and community engagement in Los Angeles. The team members come from diverse backgrounds all over the United States, bringing different perspectives and experiences.

The team members are all deeply passionate about protecting the environment and preserving the planet for future generations. Through their work, they hope to inspire others to adopt sustainable practices and positively impact the environment.

Green City LA is also committed to community engagement. The team believes meaningful change can only happen when individuals and communities work towards a common goal. Green City LA hopes to create a more resilient and sustainable Los Angeles that benefits everyone by involving and empowering local communities.


Green City LA equips communities to advance sustainability and equity in Los Angeles County by providing tools, resources, and support for environmental improvement projects.

Image by Martin Adams


At Green City LA, we aim to create a sustainable and equitable city for all. We believe that our environment's health is intertwined with our communities' health and well-being, and we are committed to promoting sustainability and community planning through our work.

We envision a future where every neighborhood in Los Angeles has access to clean air and water, greenspaces, and healthy food. We see a city where businesses and individuals are committed to reducing their environmental impact and harnessing innovation and technology to create a more sustainable future.

We strive to create a community-based approach to sustainability, where residents, businesses, and organizations work together to promote shared ownership and responsibility for our environment.

Engaging with our community can create lasting change and build a more sustainable and equitable future for Los Angeles

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