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5 Perfect Plants


1. Salvia spathacea

Hummingbird Sage


2. Verbena lilacina

‘De La Mina’ Lilac Verbena


3. Vitis californica ‘Roger's Red’



4. Heteromeles arbutifolia



5. Galvezia ‘Firecracker’

Firecracker Island Bush


FIND your community on the LA Climate Zone Map, then find the plant list for that zone.


LOOK at your garden, and at the model plant design. Go to the Get To Know Your Garden section of this handbook and use the site evaluation tools to adapt the model to fit your particular site.


PICK a site section (e.g. Parkway), and choose the plants from your zone that fit the section. We’ve included a shopping list for you to fill out (see p. 48) !

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