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Green City LA is taking action to revitalize Los Angeles' alleys, which have been overlooked. Despite alleys being important connecting pathways, they often fall victim to shortcuts for vehicles and suffer from issues such as dumping and graffiti. The sheer size of Los Angeles' 900-mile alley network highlights the immense amount of needed work.

To address these issues, Green City LA has developed a community-based approach that begins by assessing each alley's potential and identifying where it falls in the triple bottom line. By creating an alley rating system and a condition reporting app, the organization is gaining a better understanding of the current state of each alley. This framework will allow Green City LA to hold neighborhood meetings and engage with the community to address concerns.

Green City LA's approach is innovative and practical. Rather than simply focusing on the negative aspects of alley hygiene, the organization is actively seeking to highlight the positive potential of each alley. By using a triple-bottom-line approach, Green City LA is considering the economic, social, and environmental impacts of revitalizing each alley.

The rating system and condition reporting app are essential tools in this effort. Green City LA can create a clear picture of the current state of affairs by providing a standardized method for assessing each alley. The data collected can determine which alleys most need revitalization and identify the concerns and challenges.
Perhaps most importantly, Green City LA's approach is community-based. The organization recognizes that the best way to create lasting change is to engage with the community and promote its involvement. By holding neighborhood meetings, Green City LA can solicit feedback and ideas from residents, building a sense of shared ownership and responsibility for the revitalization effort.

Green City LA's first project to revitalize LA's alleys is an essential step towards a more sustainable and equitable future for the city. By focusing on the potential of each alley and engaging with the community to create a shared vision, Green City LA is demonstrating the power of a community-based approach to sustainability.

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